Sweets And Nimco Prices Provided By Commissioner Karachi

Last Updated On 2015-07-03
Product Name Desi Ghee Banaspati Oil (A Quality) Banaspati Oil (B Quality)
Samosa Qeema (per Dozen-Minimum Weight 30 gm) Rs.168 Rs.144 Rs.120
Samosa Aalo (per Dozen-Minimum Weight 50 gm) Rs.192 Rs.144 Rs.120
Mix Pakore (Per KG) Rs.220 Rs.180
Khajla (Per KG) Rs.500 Rs.260 Rs.200
Pheni (Per KG) Rs.500 Rs.260 Rs.200
Pheki Jalebi (Per KG) Rs.480 Rs.200 Rs.152
Jalebi (Per KG) Rs.320 Rs.200 Rs.152

Shopkeepers who are not selling things according to their fixed price, Kindly Complaint at :

Commissioner Karachi

99203443, 99206670

Consumer Rights Council Karachi

Fax 35683355 Water Pump 99246424

Deputy Commissioner(East) : 99230918

Deputy Commissioner(South) : 99205644

Deputy Commissioner(Central) : 99260049

Deputy Commissioner Korangi : 99264407

Deputy Commissioner(West) : 32594691

Deputy Commissioner(Malir) : 35001305