Fruit Prices Provided By Commissioner Karachi

Last Updated On 2015-09-17
Fruit Rates

Updated Fruit Rates by Commissioner Karachi 


Serial Number Product Name Wholesale Price (1 kg) Saving Market (1 kg) Retail Price (1 kg)
1. Banana (A- Quality) Rs.60 Rs.61 Rs.63(per Dozen)
2. Banana (B- Quality) Rs.40 Rs.41 Rs.43(per Dozen)
3. Papaya (A- Quality) Rs.70 Rs.71 Rs.73
4. Papaya (B- Quality) Rs.50 Rs.51 Rs.53
5. Berries Rs.45 Rs.46 Rs.48
6. Kashmiri Apple (A- Quality) Rs.60 Rs.61 Rs.63
7. Kashmiri Apple (B- Quality) Rs.40 Rs.41 Rs.43
8. Golden Apple (A- Quality) Rs.60 Rs.61 Rs.63
9. Golden Apple (B- Quality) Rs.40 Rs.41 Rs.43
10. Gaja Apple (A- Quality) Rs.90 Rs.91 Rs.93
11. Gaja Apple (B- Quality) Rs.70 Rs.71 Rs.73
12. Qallu Apple (A- Quality) Rs.80 Rs.81 Rs.83
13. Qallu Apple (B- Quality) Rs.60 Rs.61 Rs.63
14. New Zealand Apple Rs.140 Rs.141 Rs.143
15. Irani Apple Rs.80 Rs.81 Rs.83
16. GrapeFruit (A- Quality) Rs.19 Rs.20 Rs.22
17. Grape Fruit (B- Quality) Rs.10 Rs.11 Rs.13
18. pomegranate of Kandahar Rs.130 Rs.131 Rs.133
19. pomegranate Rs.100 Rs.101 Rs.103
20. Chonsa Mango (A- Quality) Rs.120 Rs.121 Rs.123
21. Chonsa Mango (B- Quality) Rs.100 Rs.101 Rs.103
22. Black Chansa (A- Quality) Rs.100 Rs.101 Rs.103
23. Black Chansa (B- Quality) Rs.80 Rs.81 Rs.83
24. Desi Gulaab Khaas Mango (A- Quality) Rs.70 Rs.71 Rs.73
25. Desi Gulaab Khaas Mango (B- Quality) Rs.50 Rs.51 Rs.53
26. Guvava Rs.80 Rs.81 Rs.83
27. Coconut Rs.100 Rs.101 Rs.103(per piece)
28. Sindh Khani Grapes (A- Quality) Rs.160 Rs.161 Rs.163
29. Sindh Khani Grapes (B- Quality) Rs.140 Rs.141 Rs.143
30. Watermelon (A- Quality) Rs.29 Rs.30 Rs.32
31. Watermelon (B- Quality) Rs.19 Rs.20 Rs.22
32. Sweet Lime (A- Quality) Rs.90 Rs.91 Rs.93
33. Sweet Lime (B- Quality) Rs.70 Rs.71 Rs.73
34. Peach (A- Quality) Rs.130 Rs.131 Rs.133
35. Peach (B- Quality) Rs.100 Rs.101 Rs.103
36. Apricots (A- Quality) Rs.100 Rs.101 Rs.103
37. Apricots (B- Quality) Rs.80 Rs.81 Rs.83
38. Cantaloupe Rs.60 Rs.61 Rs.63
37. Persimmons(A- Quality) Rs.100 Rs.101 Rs.103
38. Persimmons(B- Quality) Rs.80 Rs.81 Rs.83
39. Sapodila Rs.60 Rs.61 Rs.63
40. Round Grapes (A- Quality) Rs.130 Rs.131 Rs.133
41. Round Grapes (B- Quality) Rs.110 Rs.111 Rs.113
42. Plum (A- Quality) Rs.80 Rs.81 Rs.83
43. Plum (B- Quality) Rs.50 Rs.51 Rs.53
44. Pear (A- Quality) Rs.70 Rs.71 Rs.73
45. Pear (B- Quality) Rs.50 Rs.51 Rs.53

Shopkeepers who are not selling things according to their fixed price, Kindly Complaint at :

Commissioner Karachi
99203443, 99206670
Consumer Rights Council Karachi Fax 35683355 Water Pump 99246424

Deputy Commissioner(East) : 99230918

Deputy Commissioner(South) : 99205644

Deputy Commissioner(Central) : 99260049

Deputy Commissioner Korangi : 99264407

Deputy Commissioner(West) : 32594691

Deputy Commissioner(Malir) : 35001305